Wedding Planning: Invest in a Wedding Photographer

It's Wedding Wednesday!

One of the major parts of wedding planning are choosing your wedding vendors.  All of these people are essential in helping you create the day you've dreamed of since you've gotten engaged (and possibly even before!).  Event planners make sure your day runs smoothly, florists create beautiful centerpieces, and DJs play music to keep your guests dancing and celebrating all night long!  

After the vows are exchanged, the champagne is gone, the food is eaten and the guests have gone home, which of your vendors help you to remember your wedding day most, for years and years thereafter?  Which one gives you something tangible to hold in your hands, to re-live the moments and emotions of your wedding day with your new husband or wife, your children and grandchildren?  Your photographer!

Shaina Lee Photography | Connecticut Wedding Photographer | First Look

Now, you may think I'm being a bit biased.  Instead, take it from me, not as a photographer, but as a bride.  Your photographer is definitely one of the vendors you'll want to invest in!  I've heard of and read so many articles on how to save some money on your wedding.  Many of these articles suggest getting a friend or relative to take the photos with their camera.  It kills me when I hear this piece of advice given, because unless your uncle James or cousin Sophia is a trained photographer, I can almost guarantee that your photos will not be up to your standards that you've seen on your Pinterest wedding board!

Although the thought of saving money for your wedding budget can be tempting, do not, I repeat, do not cut into your wedding photography budget.  Don't let just anyone take your wedding photos.  Do your research.  Look at portfolios.  Invest in your photographer!  Your wedding day will last only 24 hours, but wedding photographs will last for generations.  Wedding photography collections might be a bit more than you initially expected, after chatting with a photographer that is right for you, you'll realize that the investment is most definitely worth it.  Your photographer will not only give you a wonderful experience, but also a way to remember your beautiful wedding memories for years and years to come!

Shaina Lee Photography | Connecticut Wedding Photographer | First Look