We're Shaina and Arturo, a husband and wife photography team based in Fairfield County, Connecticut.  We enjoy documenting each part of your wedding day, from the grandest moments to the tiniest details and everything in between.  Our goal is to provide you with an entire wedding experience as fun and celebratory as the day of your wedding.  

When your day arrives, we want you to feel like it’s being documented not only by photographers, but by trusted friends!  Each couple and wedding day is different and we enjoy learning about the love story which has brought you to this moment.  Our favorite weddings have plenty of natural light, meaningful personal details and a first look.  We are all about celebrating couples who are truly, madly, deeply in love!  Our personalities are fun and outgoing and we can’t get enough of working with couples who are just the same!


Fun Facts About Us



  • I’m a creative at heart and lover of color. Bright pops of color in wedding day florals are some of my favorite details to photograph.

  • I’ve watched the original Will & Grace series at least ten times, and Grey’s Anatomy about five.

  • I’m a hopeless romantic and I’ll never turn down the opportunity to listen to a good love story.  

  • The classic and colorful style of Kate Spade products will always have my heart!

  • Leonardo DiCaprio has been my celebrity crush since I was seven years old.

  • I’m a stepmom to Arturo’s two daughters, Marisa & Delilah.



  • I’ve been known to tell a few dad jokes.  #dadjokesrule is a real thing to my younger daughter.

  • I own more pairs of Vans sneakers than Shaina does total pairs of shoes. To be fair, she does have a healthy collection of handbags.

  • I’ll never turn down a cigar with my coffee on a beautiful Sunday morning.

  • I believe donuts are the perfect compliment to any meal.

  • I binge watch Chopped on Food Network into the late hours of the night.

  • I’m proud of my Puerto Rican roots.  Arroz con gandules y pernil, anyone?



  • It monsooned on our wedding day, but it was still the best day of our lives together!

  • We make a great team on your wedding day; you just may catch us sneaking a kiss or two throughout the night.

  • Hawaii is our favorite vacation spot.  It’s where we celebrated our honeymoon and we definitely left a part of our hearts there!

  • You’ll find plenty of pineapple décor in our studio and home office to signify hospitality, so be sure to stop by for a visit.  

  • We’re all about having fun and enjoying everyday that life gives us. There’s always something to celebrate!

  • Mojitos are our drink of choice, though we’ll never turn down the chance to connect at a local coffee spot.  

  • Broadway anyone? Kinky Boots is one of our new favorite shows and it’s one of the best we’ve seen yet!


Places We've Been & Where We Want to Go!


Travel Bucket List

Maui, Hawaii
Kauai, Hawaii
Rome, Italy
Paris, France
San Francisco, California
The Grand Canyon

We've Visited

Big Island, Hawaii
Oahu, Hawaii
Madrid, Spain
Barcelona, Spain
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


As Seen In

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