The Confetti Bar


A couple weeks back, I finally had the pleasure of meeting the creative geniuses behind The Confetti Bar in Wallingford, Connecticut!   Jess and Cliff, the husband and wife team who own The Confetti Bar, have won over my heart!  I emailed Jess a few weeks ago to inquire about renting her studio space with my friend and fellow photographer, Kristina of Kristina Staal Photography.  The Confetti Bar is located in an old industrial building, with exposed brick and beautiful, old, polished wooden floors.  It also happens to be the perfect location for the industrial styled wedding shoot Kristina and I are planning!

When I emailed Jess, I have to admit, I wasn't sure that I'd hear back.  I'd only ever seen or heard of her on Instagram.  She seemed like quite the busy entrepreneur (Jess is also the culinary creative genius behind Simple Unsweet AND a published romance author of JSH Books), so to say that I was surprised (and beyond excited) when I saw her email waiting in my inbox the following morning would be an understatement!  After a few emails back and forth, not only were Kristina and I invited up to The Confetti Bar to see the studio, but I was also given the opportunity to shoot new head shots of Jess and Cliff for their new website!

Let me tell you, this was the best studio shoot I've ever done!  I RARELY work in a studio setting, but when I was told I would be photographing the Confetti King and Queen (with lots of confetti thrown around), there was no way I was going to pass up such a shoot!  By the end of the day, Kristina and I were taught how to expertly throw, sprinkle and blow confetti by stylist, Alonda, of Designer Dwellings.  What started off as standard head shots quickly turned into a storm of rainbow confetti.  It was sprinkled, it was drizzled, heck it was sometimes even pelted at the royal confetti subjects, but all in good fun of course!   

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