Wedding Day Tips: How to Plan for a Rainy Wedding Day

"What if it rains on my wedding day?!?"  All couples planning their big day face this thought, especially if you're going to have all or part of your wedding outdoors.  In the months leading up to my wedding, I was praying to the weather gods for a beautiful sunny evening for my outdoor ceremony.  As it happened, Arturo and I weren't so lucky, as Mother Nature decided it was a perfect time to drop what felt like a monsoon over Connecticut that day.  Luckily, we'd chosen a venue that had a backup plan in case of rainy day weather.  As a bride who experienced rain on my wedding day, I have a few tips to share with those who have this same concern! 

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 1. Have a backup plan.
Choose a venue that has a "Plan B" in case of inclement weather.  As much as I wanted an outdoor ceremony in a garden setting (more for photographs than anything else), it didn't happen.  Luckily, our wedding venue had a wonderful staff that set up an indoor ceremony area on the huge dance floor.  
*Quick tip: If you're looking at a venue with an indoor ceremony area, consider choosing somewhere that is bright and airy, that allows lots of natural light to enter through windows.  Light and neutral colored walls work well too!  Being aware of these things will allow for beautiful photographs.

2. Purchase clear umbrellas.
This is especially important if you'll be traveling to multiple locations on your wedding day (i.e. prep location to ceremony location to reception location, etc.)  You'll want to stay fresh, and keep your hair from getting wet!  I like to recommend the clear Totes Clear Bubble Umbrella.  It's big enough for the two of you to cuddle up under together for some shots in the rain outside!  I have two of these umbrellas, but having more allows for some pretty cool outdoor bridal party shots!

3. Get some cute rain boots!
Bonus if you get them in a color that matches your wedding colors!  Chooka offers a variety of colors and styles.  I have a pair of Chooka boots that my sister in law turned me onto, which I just adore! 

4. Don't stress about the rain.
There are things we cannot control in this world, and unfortunately, weather is one of them.  Keep in mind that this is your wedding day!  On this special day in your life, nothing can rain on your parade.  If it does rain on your wedding day, just remember: it's an extra helping of good fortune for a beautiful and blissful marriage!

To all of my past brides, what piece of advice would you give to brides-to-be for wedding day weather?

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