Timeless Wedding Photographs

It's Wedding Wednesday!

A few weeks back, I was looking at some old family wedding photos.  As I was looking at these photographs, many of which were taken during the 80's (a time of big hair and baby blue tuxedos (hey there, Mom and Dad)), I began to think about timeless photos, timeless wedding photos, to be exact.

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Not to knock weddings that took place in the 70's, 80's and 90's, but often times when we see wedding photos today that were taken during these decades, we often think, "YIKES!" because, let's face it, trends and fashion have changed since then.  In the 70's and 80's, baby blue tuxedos were a thing.  Today, not so much.  Why, you ask?  Because trends and fashion are constantly changing!

Sure, trends help us decide what we like and inspire us creatively.  Trends are also what is popular at any given moment, which probably means you won't be the only one with said style or idea.  Your wedding should be unique, to reflect the personalities of you and your partner!

When planning your wedding, do you want to have photographs from your beautiful day that are following that year's trend, or do you want something that will be timeless in 10, 20, 50, even 100 years?  Today's popular wedding styles and decor probably won't be so popular in another 10-15 years, if that.  If you want those timeless photos, choose dresses, tuxedos/suits, decor, etc, that will most definitely make your photographs timeless!  

Arturo and I actually faced this exact question during our wedding planning when it came time to choose attire for him and the groomsmen.  Initially, we had chosen a beige-colored suit with a tie that matched my bridesmaids dresses.  Don't get me wrong, Arturo looked quite handsome in that suit!  Even so, after thinking it over, we both agreed that a classic black tux was the way to go, because it would be timeless in our wedding photographs.  That small change was one of the best choices we made during the months of our wedding planning!

So, my question to you is, would you like to have classic and timeless wedding photographs (think Audrey Hepburn), or do you want to follow today's trends?