The Power of a Photograph

A couple weeks back, I talked about the importance of printing your photos.  The reason we take photos is to preserve the memories we cherish, so we have the ability to re-live them over and over again.  So what is it that makes the photos we decide to print and decorate our home and walls with so important?  What makes them so powerful?

We live in a day and age where anything and everything is easy to document with a simple snap of our cell phones or tablets (even my step daughter's Game Boy has a camera!).  Everything is documented, from the big events in our lives to our day to day activities.  We're constantly taking photos of everything we do.  We're obsessed! 

Shaina Lee Photography | Connecticut Wedding + Family Photographer

Why are we obsessed with documenting everything we do?  Because it evokes EMOTION!  Think about some of your favorite photographs.  Who is in them?  Why is it important to you?  What about that photo makes you happy?  Does it make you nostalgic?  What time in your life does it help keep close to your heart?

Gather the photos that are near and dear to you.  Protect old family photographs of previous generations by framing them and displaying them in your home.  Don't forget about those digital files either!  Find the photos on your computer that you love most, and get those printed too!