You're Engaged! What's Next? | Wedding Planning

CONGRATULATIONS!  You're engaged!  December is not only my favorite time of year because of the holiday season, but also because it's the busiest time of year for romantic proposals.  

Shaina Lee Photography | Connecticut Wedding Photographer | Engagement Photography

So now you have a ring on your finger, but what's the next step?  Where do you start with wedding planning?  I'm sure you've spent at least a little time looking for some wedding inspiration, whether it be in bridal magazines or on Pinterest.  Before you start taking venue tours, or choosing your bridal party, you need to take care of the most important part of business first: figure out your budget.  This was my least favorite part of the process, but I was definitely happy to get it out of the way earlier rather than let it linger over my head for too long!  It might be an uncomfortable subject for some, especially if your parents are chipping in to help pay for the wedding.  Having that conversation is essential to the rest of the wedding planning process.  Discuss who's paying for what, and how much you have to spend on each aspect of your wedding.  Once this is done, then you can dive into all of the exciting parts of wedding planning!

Next week, I'll be starting my Wedding Wednesday blog posts, which will give all kinds of advice for wedding planning, wedding inspiration, tips for brides and more!

Until then, happy planning!

Shaina Lee Photography | Connecticut Wedding Photographer | Engagement Photography

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