Unplugged Wedding

It's Wedding Wednesday!

In today's post, I'm writing about the benefits of having an "Unplugged Wedding" and the reasons to consider it for your big day.  It's something I wish I had definitely given more thought to for my wedding!

What is an unplugged wedding?

Shaina Lee Photography | Connecticut Wedding Photographer | Unplugged Wedding

Before the ceremony starts, the officiant welcomes everyone to the day's very important celebration of two people in love.  If the couple has decided to have an unplugged wedding, the officiant will also announce this to the guests, explaining the couple's wish for everyone to turn off their cell phones, cameras and other electrical devices to be fully present as the two join together in marriage.  

When does it take place?

In my experience, the "unplugged" part of the wedding is only for the ceremony.  The couple is most often perfectly fine with family and friends using their camera phones during the reception.

Why is this important?

Asking for all electronic devices to be turned off during the time you say your vows allows for all of your guests to be fully present during this very important moment that you and your partner will share.  You invited them to witness this grand moment in your life, so wouldn't you want them to be paying attention to that, rather than trying to get the perfect photo on their phone?  After all, the ceremony is the reason you'll all be celebrating together later, right?