The Boudoir Experience

CT + NY Boudoir Photographer | Shaina Lee Photography

I believe in the art of boudoir photography.  I believe in the magic it provides my clients before, during and after their session with me.  I see their self confidence soar when I show them an unedited image from the back of my camera.  The smile that comes across their face when they see that untouched image makes my heart full!  I love seeing my clients feel empowered and beautiful during their boudoir sessions with me.

One of my favorite things about boudoir photography is how versatile it is!  From outfits, to hair and makeup to location, everything can be planned perfectly to fit the vision you have for your session.  You can change out lingerie for a cozy wrap sweater or your favorite button down.  For hair and makeup, you can choose to go big or rock a natural look.  When it comes to location, often times many people feel most comfortable in their own home! 

Boudoir sessions make a wonderful gift to your future spouse, and an even better one for you!  Investments begin at $599, and include a personalized photography session at my natural light studio in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

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