Wedding Day Information


In just a few short weeks, you will be marrying your best friend!  In order to give you both the best experience possible, I have all of my couples complete a wedding day photography questionnaire.

Please feel free to be detailed, creative and thorough.  These questions are designed to make sure that I capture every aspect of your wedding as you have dreamed and give me a clear picture of the day in its entirety.

I look forward to documenting your wedding day!

Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
Bride's Name *
Bride's Name
Bride's Phone *
Bride's Phone
Bride's Preparation Start Time *
Bride's Preparation Start Time
Groom's Name *
Groom's Name
Groom's Phone *
Groom's Phone
Groom's Preparation Start Time *
Groom's Preparation Start Time
Your Current Address *
Your Current Address
Please list your future address (if different from above).
Please list your future address (if different from above).
(i.e. Modern, classic, rustic, vintage, etc.)
A "First Look" takes place between the wedding couple BEFORE the wedding ceremony. You both get to see each other dressed up in your wedding attire before the ceremony takes place. It is one of my favorite parts of the day, and it also allows me to get some romantic shots of the wedding couple! I found that doing one on my wedding day helped to calm my nerves quite a bit!
Like the First Look, a "No Peeking" Session takes place before the ceremony, except here, you will not see each other. I'll place you around the corner from each other, so you can hold hands or chat for a few minutes beforehand. During this time, some couples choose to write notes and read them to each other. These sessions also help to calm nerves, but allow those who want to stay traditional to do so!
Ceremony Start Time *
Ceremony Start Time
Ceremony End Time *
Ceremony End Time
(i.e. Religious, formal, informal, etc.)
An unplugged wedding ceremony allows all guests to be fully present during this special time in your lives, as you pledge your love and commitment to each other. Instead of being hidden behind a camera, phone or tablet trying to get a photograph during your ceremony, your guests can share your happiness and excitement right along with you! In the event that you do choose to have an unplugged wedding ceremony, your officiant can make this announcement before the start of the ceremony.
Some wedding officiants do not permit the use of flash during a ceremony. Please DO NOT answer this question without talking to your officiant. This is especially important for church ceremonies.
(i.e. Center aisle only, no flash in church, etc.)
(i.e. No photography during moments of prayer or communion, etc.)
(i.e. Arch was made by grandfather, making your own bouquet, etc.)
These shots usually include parents, siblings, grandparents and any other close family members of the wedding couple. The more detailed the list, the better! This will aid in making sure we use the time allotted for family formals more efficient. Please use first names when writing out the groupings.
Reception Start Time *
Reception Start Time
Reception End Time *
Reception End Time
Please check the events below your plan to include at your reception: *
(i.e. Lit entirely by candlelight, colorful lights bouncing off of the ceiling, etc.)? If so, please describe below.
(i.e. Surprises, gifts, etc.)
A “Cherish the Dress” session is a great reason to get back into your wedding attire! It is a relaxed session without the pressure to get your hair and makeup done (though you are more than welcome to do so if you please!). It's stress free, as you won't have the schedule of your wedding day to think about. It also gives you the chance to create beautiful images where you and your new life partner are fully present with each other. The chance to dress up again is something that many couples look forward to!
Please use the space below to list the names and contact information (PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL & WEBSITE) for your wedding vendors. This information is needed in the event of publication (i.e. Blog, magazine, etc.), and I also like to give credit when possible on social media! Wedding vendors may include, but are not limited to a venue coordinator, wedding planner/day of coordinator, officiant, DJ and/or band, florist, videographer, caterer, bakery, ceremony & reception décor, gown & veil (designer & place of purchase), jewelry, bridal shoes (designer & place of purchase), makeup artist, hair stylist, bridesmaids’ dresses (designer & place of purchase), suits/tuxedos (designer & place of purchase), jeweler, furniture/decor rentals, stationery designer, transportation, etc.
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