Cherish the Dress Sessions

On a wedding day, one of my favorite parts of the day is pulling the lovebirds aside for some romantic portraits.  Though I do my best to find a place away from guests and the rest of the wedding festivities for these portraits, sometimes the wedding couple is still preoccupied with wondering if everything is going smoothly with the rest of the day's events.  It is this reason that I've started offering Cherish the Dress Sessions!

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A Cherish the Dress Session allows the newlyweds to get dressed up in their wedding attire once again, after their wedding date.  It's a fun and relaxed session, without the stresses of a wedding day!  During these sessions, the couple is fully present in the moment, allowing for beautiful and raw emotion to be captured in the photographs.  Because hey, what bride wouldn't want to get back into her wedding dress again?!

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