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Happy Friday!  Today, I'm very excited to share some vendor love, and feature my dear friend and fellow creative Melissa of MLP Makeup Creations in today's post!  She is a makeup artist based in Norwalk, Connecticut, but has traveled far and wide for her work.  Melissa is one of the kindest and most genuine people you'll ever meet!  She is wonderfully creative, and knows exactly how to bring her clients' visions and ideas to life.  I recently worked with her and a variety of other talented vendors on a styled wedding shoot in New York City, and couldn't have asked for a better makeup artist to collaborate with!  

So, without further adieu, I'm very excited to introduce Melissa and her beautiful work!

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What do you like most about being a makeup artist?
"I have many "hobbies" and they all stem from a design aspect.  I love fashion, interior design, art, writing, music, etc.  Makeup is another extension of how I express myself artistically.  Whether it be on myself or a client, I love making a vision come to life and even exceeding their expectations!  I love bold color and dramatic eyes or lips, but I have a soft spot for natural beauty and I really enjoy highlighting the features that makes someone so uniquely themselves."

What attracted you to the wedding industry?
"I'm a romantic at heart.  I have always been completely fascinated with weddings and all the amazing elements that go into it, starting of course with the bride.  It is this one amazing day where everybody that loves them gathers together to support these two people who are choosing to pledge their love and loyalty to one another forever... and they get to dress up and look fabulous doing it!  I love that I get to be a part of that."

What is your favorite part about working with brides?
"Everyone wants to look their absolute best on their wedding day.  Most brides have been dreaming about their wedding well before they were engaged and probably have a good idea of what they do and don't want to look like.  I really enjoy working with them to achieve their beauty goals and to help guide them if they aren't sure what their beauty goals are.  When the big day finally arrives, I love that moment when everything comes together.  All the months of planning and dreaming comes to a head when they turn and look into the mirror and see how beautiful they are.  The dress, the hair, the makeup, jewelry all pieced together to finally form a "bride".  They feel beautiful and they just glow!"

What led you to becoming a makeup artist?
"I actually fell into makeup artistry in my early 20's after studying Remedial Massage & Sports Medicine abroad in Sydney, Australia.  It started out as a hobby and then my love and passion for it led to me to work for companies such as MAC Cosmetics, Nars, Bobbi Brown and Christian Dior.  I feel like by working for those companies I covered my "four corners" of makeup, from the drama and flair of MAC to the simple beauty of Bobbi.  Nars and Dior fall somewhere in between, and I feel like those were the four main companies that helped cover all my bases.  My passion has allowed me to travel all over for brides, including New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Virginia, Rhode Island and even as far as Napa in California!  Makeup artistry has allowed me to do once in a lifetime jobs like Fashion Week in NYC for Michael Kors runway to special effects makeup to HD makeup for local news programs.  For me, it wasn't really the steps I took to get where I am, it was the journey itself!"

What (or who) inspires your creativity?
"There are a lot of big designer brands that always fuel my fire, but what has really inspired my artistic side has been my mother.  She is a wonderful decorator and always kept our home looking like I lived in a Pottery Barn catalog.  She never steps out of the house without doing her makeup.  Growing up (and even at a young age), I can remember stealing my mother's Chanel makeup pallets and sneaking off to attempt to apply it.  My mom always had high end makeup, and that has carried on to me.  The products that I use always have to be of the best quality.  I can tell the difference in application, pigment, packaging, etc.  My mom is the reason I don't show up to do a bride's makeup with pharmacy grade makeup.  Instead, I bring the best quality for their best self on their best day."

As a makeup artist, what is a tip you can give brides for their wedding day?
"This question is a very important one.  When it comes to wedding makeup, go big or go home!  A light application that is suitable for a day of shopping is not the way to go.  Even though it might be more than what you are used to wearing, it will make all the difference in your pictures.  Do a brighter lip, try some black liner, or a more dramatic contour.  Most importantly, don't forget... LASHES, LASHES, LASHES!  You'll be happy when you get your wedding album back and see how amazing you look! And one last piece of advice: DO NOT skimp on the photographer!  You get what you pay for and the only thing you can take away from your wedding besides your memories are your photos.  Make sure whoever is taking them will capture all the beautiful moments that make that day special.  Take it from someone who made this mistake.  While my makeup looked great and everything about my wedding was perfect, I wish I had someone like Shaina to capture it all instead of going a cheaper route.
Remember, no matter how fabulous your makeup, beauty is and always will be skin deep."

Shaina Lee Photography | Connecticut Wedding Photographer | Connecticut Wedding | Gallaher Mansion and Cranbury Park | Gallaher Mansion Wedding | MLP Makeup Creations | Connecticut Makeup Artist

If you haven't already, be sure to follow Melissa on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with her latest work!

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