It's Good To Be Alive

Today is my 26th birthday, and although I'm sipping on a giant mug of hot green tea to get this post-holiday cold to back off as I write this, I couldn't have more of a sense of happiness and fulfillment as I enter my 27th year of life!  Within the last couple of months, I heard a song that Andy Grammer sings called, Good To Be Alive (Hallelujah), which I absolutely love and can relate to more than I realized.  Just over five months ago, I left my day job to pursue my photography career full time, and I'm now finally feeling like I'm making a breakthrough in this crazy adventure of creative entrepreneurship.  2016 is giving me lots to look forward to, with many wedding-related projects coming up.  I know there are still countless challenges ahead, but I'm ready, because it's good to be alive!